Because most nonprofits operate on a calendar year budget cycle, January marks the beginning of a new fiscal year. Accordingly, many take the opportunity during the first quarter to set new financial goals, allocate budgets and prioritize projects.

In other words, if you haven’t started planning for the next year, it’s time to get moving!

First, take some time to reflect on the past year – the successes and challenges – and, second, dive into the planning process with renewed energy and focus by asking the following five key questions relative to your marketing, communications and fundraising support efforts:

  1. Do you feel fully confident in your branding and core messaging? Have you updated it recently, particularly since the Covid 19 crisis?
  2. Does your non-profit have a current Case for Giving that spells out the need for your services and the ways your organization addresses it with a clear-cut call to action?
  3. Are you continually and consistently refreshing your communications channels (i.e. web site, emails, social media and publicity) and are they working in unison?
  4. Are your fundraising events generating the return on the significant investment in dollars and time? Are you harnessing the data from your events and following up thoroughly?
  5. Do you have a comprehensive communications, solicitation and special event plan that provides a year-long roadmap for achieving your fundraising and outreach goals?

Of course, that’s a lot to unpack, but the time to spruce up your non-profit marketing and fundraising wardrobe is NOW! Let us know if the Non-Profit Team can help you answer these very important questions!