When was the last time your non-profit organization asked – and tried to answer – the all-important question: “Why Us?”

Before you can ever develop a case for giving, you need to state your case for existing. You can do this by clearly defining – or redefining – your mission statement.

One blogger with Constant Contact, a leading e-mail marketing company, states that “having a mission statement creates a sense of direction for your organization and offers valuable guidance for stakeholders. If you view your mission statement as the master barometer of your business, it will direct and inspire your decisions in all areas, including marketing.”

Whether you’re developing a promotional video, re-tooling your website or putting any other marketing measure in place, it’s always important to do a reality check to ensure it makes sense for your company or organization. Creating or recreating your mission statement provides that introspection.

The blogger further states: “When your activities or ideas synchronize with your purpose, your target market, and your vision, this provides a green light for looking into the opportunity further.  Analogously, if they fail to correspond with your mission, it is a red light and easy decision to say, ‘I think I’ll pass on this one’ without doubts or regrets.”

Simply put, your organization’s vision and mission statements will drive every aspect of what you do on a day-to-day basis. They will ultimately determine the markets you need to reach, the amount of interaction with your existing and prospective constituents, and the message you should communicate. They will form the basis of your marketing plan, your budget and your calendar of activities.

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