It is with tremendous pride and excitement that we roll out our new “Non-Profit Team” brand to provide a full range of marketing, communications and fundraising support services to charities of all types and sizes.

But, first, we have a message to the many non-profits and community professionals we have had the privilege of working with for the past eight years – THANK YOU! The passion you have invested in your organization and the belief you’ve had in our company have driven us to this moment and we are extremely grateful.

For those reading this blog, what are you feeling right now? Positive vibes I hope.

But that’s the minimum effect of saying “Thank You.” There are a host of other serious benefits such sentiment can yield for any non-profit organization – or corporation for that matter – when expressing gratitude.

Honestly, I don’t think there are two more important words for a charitable organization. They literally can be the key to retaining – and increasing commitments – from donors.

Here are five principles of an effective “Thank You”:

  • Make it timely
  • Make it authentic and personal
  • Explain the impact
  • Celebrate the donor, and
  • Thank frequently and regularly!

If you are looking for creative ways to thank your donors, volunteers and other stakeholders in your non-profit organization, contact me directly at

And THANK YOU for reading!