It may seem old-fashioned, but supplementing your current contact list and using snail mail to reach new potential stakeholders may be something your non-profit organization should consider.

This is particularly relevant in markets like South Florida, which have been experiencing a significant influx of new residents, including high net-worth individuals and families seeking major tax benefits by flying south to a permanent new nest.

The direct mail industry has come a long way in providing lists that calculate both quantitative (i.e. income, household value) and qualitative data (i.e. occupation, interests) to help you hone a highly detailed target group.

When it comes to crafting messaging for your prospective audience, start with one major rule – BE PATIENT! Don’t hit these high value contacts, especially prospective major donors, over the head with a fundraising ask. Rather, develop a series of cost-effective personalized pieces that provide a softer entrée and the repetition needed to eventually bring them into your nest.

One more piece of advice: It’s important to complement your direct mail efforts with a social media advertising strategy that follows a similar prospecting model. This way, you will have the best of both worlds. Let’s call it “tra-digital” marketing.

The Non-Profit Team has an extensive track record in direct mail supplementation strategies. It you are ready to expand your prospect contact lists, contact Andy Rose traditionally at 561.945.9356 or digitally at