Non-Profit Collaborations are Key to Growing Your Profile and Reach.

Matchmaking is generally used in the context of the dating world, namely, to describe how two searching individuals find the perfect partner. Non-profit matchmaking is no different.

Non-profit matchmaking is a method to identify and connect (match) organizations and people with common interests, complementary services, expertise, technologies or business-oriented strengths. The goal is to create cooperative connections and realize opportunities that mutually benefit both parties.

We have seen many of our clients accomplish this on their own – or with the help of the Non-Profit Team.

On their own… Milagro Center, an after-school and summer camp program in Delray Beach, moved into a new facility in 2012 and had the use of a community swimming pool. The organization was intent on teaching its students how to swim as very few knew how, primarily due to their Haitian heritage. President and CEO Barbara Stark was attending a Spirit of Giving networking event and the group was asked to share their most pressing needs. When Barbara mentioned swim instruction, a representative from the YMCA of South Palm Beach County stood up and said the Y had just received a grant for outreach swim instruction. A match was made! In fact, that collaboration is still going strong – this summer marks 12 years!

With our help… The Symphonia, South Florida’s premier chamber orchestra, was planning a new concert season with an environmental theme and the “Inspired… Naturally” series was created with four concerts – Earth, Fire, Wind and Water. The Non-Profit Team proceeded to create community partnerships for each concert:

–        Earth – Community Greening,

–        Fire – Solar United Neighbors,

–        Wind – Habitat for Humanity (hurricane preparedness),

–        Water – Gumbo Limbo Coastal Stewards,

–        Overall Civic Partners – City of Boca Raton’s Sustainability Department and the Palm Beach County Office of Resiliency.

Each organization was featured during their respective concerts. They all came together twice – first, at the concert season debut of the Terra Nostra environmental symphony, where the partners set up booths and participated in a post-concert Q&A and, second, at a return performance of the award-winning concert during the community-wide “Earth to Boca!” celebration. The collaboration successfully harnessed the collective reach of all participating organizations, generating extensive exposure and attracting new followers.

So our advice – never diminish the power of the “Match!” Always be on the lookout for opportunities to collaborate with other non-profit organizations. Use these three key guidelines:

–        Get out there and spread the word about what you need!

–        Find the right partner with common goals and interests!

–        Exercise creativity and be flexible to make it work! 

If you’re searching for a Matchmaker to forge or promote a community partnership, contact Andy Rose, our Chief Impact Officer, at or (561) 945-9356. Has he got a match for you!