When evaluating what kind of resources your non-profit might invest in corporate development, consider these national statistics, updated in 2023:

- Approximately $5 billion is raised through workplace giving each year,
- 71% of surveyed employees say it’s very important to work at a company that supports giving and volunteering,
- Employees who engage in corporate giving programs tend to have 75% longer tenures with the company,
- 55% of employees would choose to work for a socially responsible company, even if it meant earning a lower salary. 

Now is the time to develop programs that engage even the largest companies, starting with sponsorship development. Whether it’s a big event or an annual program, make sure your strategy has the three C’s in order:

- CAUSE – Does your sponsorship messaging clearly delineate your mission?
- COMMUNITY – Is your statistical reach to donors and qualified contacts spelled out in your materials?
- CONTACTS – Will potential sponsors be able to personally connect with your largest stakeholders?

This is the key trifecta in making sure your program has what it takes to reel in major sponsors and keep them over the long haul. So, if the statistics on Corporate Social Responsibility continue to rise as they have for the past decade, the arrow in your corporate fundraising quiver should be a spear!

If you would like to develop a comprehensive sponsorship strategy, reach out to Andy Rose at Andy@nonprofitteam.com.