Looking to Learn from Industry Experts?

Looking to Learn from Industry Experts?   

With an extensive body of work – and a finger on the pulse of the charity sector – the Non-Profit Team is continually developing its knowledge of and insights into the industry. We want to share this expertise with area non-profits.

That’s why we have established “Team Talks – Non-Profit Institute,” a series of seminars designed to inform marketing, communications and fundraising professionals on best practices and the latest trends in the industry.

We have constructed a curriculum that includes a wide range of topics. In addition to members of the Non-Profit Team, we have enlisted some of the most accomplished practitioners in the charity field.

Sample Topics:

  • “BIG Picture Ahead” – Year-End/Forward Planning
  • “Creating a Culture of Giving” – Major Donor Development
  • Cross-Channel Expressway” – Multi-Channel Marketing
  • “Sharing (and Collaborating) is Caring” – Cross-Collaboration
  • “Take Everything for Grant(ed)” – Grant-Making
  • “Incorporating Kindness” – Corporate Sponsorship
  • “Who’s Your Data?” – Data Segmentation/Supplementation
  • “Putting the Special in Events” – Special Events
  • “What Gives? Stating the Case” – Case for Giving/Story-Telling