When it comes to fundraising support, your Case for Giving is THE most important document in your arsenal.

It is the most essential tool for exciting, inspiring and compelling donors – from the smallest giver to the largest philanthropist – to donate to your organization. It not only forms the basis of your Annual Campaign, it provides much of the rationale for attracting corporate sponsors and legacy donors as well.

If you already have a Case for Giving (and we hope you do), you need to ask the following questions: Does it clearly state the need for your services and where the dollars go to fulfill those needs? Are you telling the stories of those who benefit from your services? Does your case have a major place in your communications strategies?

Depending on your mission, the key elements of your Case for Giving may vary. If your organization provides social services, for example, you may start with a strong title or theme then proceed with the following:

· Aspirational Statement
· Organizational Overview
· Outline of Need(s)
· Overview of Programs
· Recipient Testimonials
· Call to Action
· Examples of Dollars in Action
· Pledge Card

Once you finalize the “info-structure” of your case, it’s time to design a brochure, shoot a campaign video and share all or key elements on your web site and in sell sheets, scripts/talking points, solicitation letters, thank-you notes and impact reports.

Then the most important task comes when you breathe life into your new Case for Giving by developing a detailed timeline for solicitations on all levels, special events and ongoing cultivation and correspondence.

If you need a strategic and creative partner to help you make the case to donors for why you need funding and the outcomes you are seeking from their investment, the Non-Profit Team is here for you. Just reach out to Andy Rose at Andy@nonprofitteam.com